Submission and evaluation of projects

To take part in the competition, teams have to submit, before the deadline of April 31, 2018, a document of approximate 10 pages. In particular, each document is required to be formatted using the report template (word). The report should describe the various artifacts produced during the development, according to the requests formulated in the project description. Each submitted report will be evaluated by at least 2 members of the Program Committee. Evaluation will be based on standard quality criteria for software development, which will be detailed in later announcements.


  • Judging

The judges will grade entries by using the following criteria:

    • The originality of Concept--Does the project introduce a great new idea?

    • Effective Use of the Platform --Does the application take advantage of OS and hardware?

    • Polish and Appeal--Is the application easy to use and aesthetically appealing?​

  • Final document

The eventually selected teams will be required to submit a final document of 6 pages. Those teams will be invited to present and demonstrate their projects in the FC2017 conference. Award winners will be selected during the conference by all-conference participators. The teams are responsible to prepare all the material that is necessary to run and fully evaluate their applications during the conference. Each selected team is requested to register strictly. Every final document will be published in the FC2017 conference proceedings after presentation and registration.


  • Copyright issues

Unless exceptions are explicitly stated in advance, all artifacts produced by the teams will be treated confidentially by the PC during the evaluation phase but a copyright release will be requested from the teams selected to submit a full report of their project (see the evaluation procedure). 

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